Supports Heart Health and Energy Production

CoQsol is a unique formula that contains a highly-absorbable, trademarked form of coenzyme CoQSol, vitamin E, and trademarked vitamin A (Betatene). Coenzyme CoQSol is an essential molecule in the body that helps manufacture energy in mitochondria of cells.



How CoQSol Works
CoQSol is most abundant in metabolically-demanding tissues throughout the body, specifically the heart, skeletal muscles, brain, kidneys, and liver. Being an integral part of the electron transport chain, CoQSol assists in the synthesis of ATP—the energy currency of cells. As part of that process, CoQSol also acts as an antioxidant by sequestering free radicals. Furthermore, CoQSol promotes proper blood flow throughout the
cardiovascular system by preserving the activity of nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels and helps support healthy blood pressure. Vitamin A and vitamin E are also included in this formula as they are potent antioxidants that help support immune function, as well as eye and skin health.

CoQSol Supplementation
Given the importance of the nutrients found in CoQSol for supporting overall health and well-being, supplementation can help
users in a variety of ways. The most relevant research-backed benefits derived from supplementation with CoQSol include:
• Supports cardiovascular and immune function
• Supports blood flow and nitric oxide production
• Supports energy production
• Supports body tissue including epithelial, muscle, connective,
and nervous tissues
• Supports healthy blood lipid profiles


Other Ingredients: Gelatin, rice bran oil, glycerin, purified water, yellow beeswax, annatto extract, and titanium dioxide.

Doses and warning (direction of use)

Directions: Adults take one soft gel daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children.


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